Acne Treatment

I have had cystic acne since 2010. I literally never wore makeup until this acne started to take place. I would be at work, and people who knew me for years would ask… is everything ok? you never used to break out? I was so embarrassed about this I just tried to cover it up with makeup which of course is going to be no help to sensitive skin.

I tried EVERYTHING: Proactive, Rodne and fields, clean and clear, washing my face religiously, not washing my face religiously, using just white dove soap, using acne medication & trying not to use acne medication– You Get the Picture.

Went to the dermatologist he put me on a medication called sperlactone which is a water pill this did take a few months to start to work cleared up my oily skin even my hair wasn’t oily anymore I could go 4 days not washing my hair which is unheard of for me. I still would get pimples not AS BAD but wasn’t great either. After a few months of using this the Doc wanted to put me an Accutane. He told me about all the symptoms of Accutane, and I said you know what I’ll do it it is for a few months I can suck it up to have beautiful skin again. At this point I would have done anything to have clear skin. We ended up doing all the blood work and the prescription was $500.00 my insurance wouldn’t cover it so I didn’t ever end of taking it. Which now I am happy because the side effects did scare me a bit.

My skin stayed O.K. from the sperlactone, and my doctor ended up leaving and going to a different practice. I also changed jobs, and found a new dermatologist right down the road from work. I no longer take sperlactone ( I don’t really like to take pills anyway)

My First visit to my new Doc he told me the following advice:

ONLY USE – Non Comedogenic Makeup/lotions/face washes **He said this is most important!

He then prescribed me Tretinoin Cream 0.025% to use at night only and then for morning routine i use 1% clindamycin phosphate topical gel mixed half and half with benzoyl peroxide 5%.

First Three months– Brutal!

Super dry skin so dry my face shined like a doll. It peels, and then I started to break out terribly so bad it hurt to touch parts of my face. Huge pimples that at times (maybe TMI) but they practically exploded, and the pain was TERRIBLE!

BUT: I am not in my 4th Month –My doctor saw me said my skin is looking great he isn’t worried about my acne scars says the Tretinoin Cream should clear all of it. I ask him ” So what is the plan? Do I have to use these creams the rest of my life? ” He said ” Eventually your acne will stop it is hormonal, but the Trentinoin cream doesn’t just help acne it will help with any wrinkles and I have plenty of patients that stay on it and they have BEAUTIFUL skin from it.” He upped my script to 0.05% for the Trentinoin and my scars are literally fading day by day. I feel confidant to go out without makeup on. I know my scars are still not completely gone, but it feels good to walk out of the house and not feel super self conscious of a huge pimple that turns purple not even from picking at it just because of the pressure.

If you are someone who gets prescribed the Tretinoin Cream I HIGHLY recommend waiting 30 Min after washing your face at night to apply the cream. Use TONS of chap stick at night it WILL dry your lips out like crazy. At first I was not waiting 30 Min to apply the cream and I kept breaking out after I read to wait 30min. until application that’s when I really started to see the results. In the morning when you wash your face wash your face normal and when you have the soap still on your face use a wash cloth to exfoliate any dead skin that will occur from using this cream.

I use neutogena sensitive skin face wash and any lotion that is non comedogenic I use PUR right now but I will just get something from neutogena it is cheap and a good product.

The fist 3 months are NOT easy but it is well worth the wait!!

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. Trust me I know what it is like to struggle with acne, anything I can do to help or maybe give some insight on I would love to. Acne is not something easy to deal with, no especially hard to hide so I will be doing a makeup blog shortly. After many attempts, money spent, and lots of research I have finally found a make-up routine that works without looking like I have caked on a bunch of powder/foundation. 



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