End of Month

I’m a sales manager at a large company, and boy the end of the month can be exhausting!! I know all my sales reps out there feel the same way! “Thank god its over” some of us feel (when we have achieved or exceeded our monthly quota OR “I JUST NEED ONE MORE DAY” if we are not quite there yet). The last day of the month is something you feel you can celebrate or you can’t wait for tomorrow to get a fresh start.

Although I am a sales manager I also still do have to run a team and hit a goal myself. So I will do the same exact job they are required to do and in addition I train, coach, and do 2nd voice calls to get the deal across the finish line. The hardest part isn’t trying to hit the goal myself, the hardest part is seeing reps on my team just fall short of their goal, and the best end of month days are when I see them exceed and they walk out with a smile on their face.

Although the reps continue to improve and work hard, sometimes it just is not their month. Maybe it was that the customer walked last minute on them or our underwriting team just didn’t feel comfortable moving forward, but it isn’t easy to see the look on their face when its the end of the last day and they justttttt fall short.

I do my best to keep them motivated, and show them how they continue to improve month after month and how they have to keep them positive, and to continue doing what they are doing. I add something new to work on every month so changes aren’t overwhelming and it does seem to be working, just on a fast pace sales floor I think at times the information is an overload.

To all my sales managers out there how do you feel about the end of the month? Do you feel the same way when you see your reps just fall short? Tell me how you handle the end of the month, and the start of a new month.

April 2018 it was real May we are ready for you!



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